We have been installing Power Systems MiniSubs for the last 17 years and have found them to be extremely reliable. The space saving of all the units we have installed over the years has been a huge benefit. Our maintenance people who operate the loop switches often  have felt extremely safe with the way the product is made , and the fact that we have not had to do any maintenance on the HV side of the units over the last 17 years is a big benefit to the people in the building.

Jason Swiatek
Electrical and Mechanical Services,
Carleton University

We have installed Power Systems MiniSubs in our facility, the product has been reliable and safe to operate, the compact footprint and maintenance free feature save space and operating cost.

Kevin X.J. Li  P.Eng.,
Electrical Design Engineer
Engineering and Construction
National Research Council of Canada

In 2005 General Dynamics Land Systems  made the decision to replace the existing distribution in the London Ontario facility.  We ended up choosing the Power Systems MiniSubs and incoming SF6 switchgear proposal.  The installation was very quick with minimal interruption, and over the last eleven years has given us excellent service. The dead front design was a big advantage for us not only for the safety factor but due to the high degree of welding dust that accumulated on the old air insulated systems, it meant not having to shutdown to maintain on a frequent basis.

We would certainly recommend this equipment.

Saban Saskin, P.Eng.
Senior Engineer
Facilities Engineering, General Dynamics Land Systems
Canada Corporation

After several installations of Power Systems MiniSubs, I have found that conflicts with mating up switchgears and transformers (which often come from different factories) is eliminated with the Power Systems MiniSub because it all comes as one piece. They are very easy to install, and half the time of a typical substation of the same components, plus, the Power Systems’ Sf6 Switch being dead front makes it much safer and more reliable to operate, greatly reducing our ARC Flash exposure, but, best of all is the direct support we get from the Power Systems Technology staff who are always available to provide the assistance that we need to make sure the installation goes smooth.

Douglas Le Touzel
GenLeT Electric Inc.