Micro Substation

A Micro Substation is a unique medium voltage substation that can be used with our new green DPS design to have major cost savings in your electrical project.

Power Systems has developed the next step in MiniSub evolution, the MicroSub, which still offers the unique benefits of oil/liquid filled padmount transformers as defined by the CSA specification C227.4, and SF6 switching technology using the Arc-Whipper © three position switch.

Sizes from 75 to 225 KVA and Voltages from 5 to 28 KV

  • Micro Substations are a compact package includes HV switch protection and transformer
  • Switch is interlocked with the fuse access for safety purposes
  • SF6 technology switching and completely dead front
  • Full range current limiting fuse protection
  • The same low maintenance as our MiniSub units
  • CSA certified
  • Available in liquid or dry type designs
  • Compact Micro Substations compact size fits in any location
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors. It also comes with its own liquid containment

Advantages with using Micro Substations and the InfrastruXture over the Traditional Design

  • Energy saving -  About 10% of the buildings electrical energy, manufacturing and transport
  • Space -   This system will be require about 30% less space
  • Cost -   Total cost of the installed system will range from 5-30% less
  • Materials -  Total materials used to energize the building can be has high as 50% less
  • Installation -  This system can be installed and commissioned up to 50% faster
  • Safety -  Lower fault levels and EMI. Lower Arc flash, dead front and touch proof.
  • Maintenance - The system components require almost zero maintenance over the life of the unit.
  • Reliability -  Is increased as not relying on one point of failure. Main transformer or low voltage switchgear.
  • Renewable Energy Compatibility – Solar and generator inputs
  • Less parasitic heat to remove -  Such as: transformers, switchgear and cables