Green DPS Distribution System

Green DPS Distribution is a power distribution system that transforms the power from the utility delivery voltage (ex: 27.6kV) to the utilization voltage (ex: 208/120V) at the location it is needed and used internal to the building. The power is distributed at the medium voltage level, eliminating significant losses in the overall distribution system.

Green DPS is a solution of two of our substation products called the MiniSub & MicroSub. Each of these substations can be purchased as a standalone product within a traditional building powering infrastructure framework. Combined together, our MiniSubs & MicroSubs offer a powerful the building powering solution ideal for either a new-build and/or a retro-fit called Green DPS. Green DPS stands for Green Distributed Power System.

Green DPS technology is engineered to be simple but energy efficient, greener, safer and future-ready with less losses and voltage drop. Green DPS is a premium product innovation designed to power buildings of the future ideal for residential, commercial and industrial spaces as well as zones with low EMF needs like  hospitals. Green DPS components (either a MiniSub or a MicroSubstation) can be used alone within traditional systems if the entire solution is too powerful. EV charging options are available.

Advantages over the Traditional Design

  1. Greener with up to 50 % Less Materials Freeing Up Space
    Up to 50% less materials = less Carbon/GHGs in product manufacturing/mining
    More usable &/or rentable space throughout your building.
  2.  Greener with 10-15% Energy Savings
    Less materials with compact size= less losses
    Elimination of one step down allowing for more space in the basement for an
    additional bike/car parking space or more storage
  3.  No Vault
    Save at least $100,000 or more upfront
    No temporary building shut-downs for vault-maintenance
    Extra space in the basement for an extra parking spot or bike rack or storage
  4. Transformer Ownership Credit
    Owning your own transformer gives you money back on your energy bill
    calculated at peak usage every month over the product lifecycle
    This rate is determined by each utility
  5. Reliability
    Not relying on one point of failure
  6. Enhanced Safety
    Low EMF radiation in comparison to traditional systems enhancing
    productivity (EMFs as low as a personal computer)
    Touch Proof connections
    Lower fault levels throughout the whole building
  7. Easy Installation
    Can be installed for retro-fits without cutting existing power
    Great for new builds eliminating temporary power needed during

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