EV Power Hub

The EV Power Hub contains all power distribution equipment needed to provide power to electric vehicle chargers. As a compact solution, the EV Power Hub saves valuable real estate space allowing for increased revenue generation. In addition to being compact, and location-flexible, the EV Power Hub requires no building enclosure and is tamperproof.

Adding Chargers to be fed from existing 600V or 480V switchgear can be challenging. Chargers use power that existing switchboards may not have the capacity to accommodate. A new Power Transformer and Switchgear (A+B+C) are required in this situation. The EV Power Hub (E) connects to existing HV switchgear (A) if volume and/or capacity are an issue; however, even if they are not, the compact nature of the EV Power Hub saves on space as well.


As illustrated above, the EV Power Hub (E) can accommodate up to 27 charging points (G or H) that can be put into service right away or implemented over time. If more than 27 charging points are needed, simply add another EV Power Hub (E).


  1. Weatherproof
  2. Tamperproof
  3. Revenue generating
  4. Utility Metering
  5. Real time Monitoring
  6. Location flexible
  7. Expansion ready

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Aesthetic concerns?

Today’s existing energy delivery technology is not compact …
The EV PowerHub is compact and location-flexible because beauty in functional design is important too
Volume concerns?

Maybe your existing power cannot accommodate the volume of EV chargers you need to install to meet new building code regulations …
The EV PowerHub can deliver power for up to 27 EV chargers at a time per unit. Please note that you do not need to use all 27 points right away allowing you to transform over time.

Level transformation concerns?

Maybe you are using low voltage and need to step up your level of power to deliver power to your EV chargers …


Maybe you are using high voltage and need to step down your level of power to deliver power to your EV chargers …

The EV PowerHub can accommodate both level situations, volume limitations while freeing up space
No building to attach electric vehicle chargers?

Maybe you have parking spaces that can be used to charge electric vehicles but no building to access power distribution…

The EV PowerHub does not need a building to deliver power, and if you have a building, you can avoid needing to tap into your existing power transformer all together

Data gathering dreams?

Maybe you are looking for a way to gather important strategic information on how your EV chargers are being used from one central location …

The EV PowerHub has downloadable cell phone usage apps including other options:

• monitoring of energy usage
• text message updates for users
• advertising space for owners
• revenue generating capabilities

The EV PowerHub by Power Systems Technology can help address your electric vehicle power delivery needs because it is :

  1. Compact & location-flexible so it can enhance your building aesthetic
  2. Can deliver power to up to 27 EV chargers right away, or over time
  3. Can be designed to take medium voltage immediately eliminating an entire step down, with or without a building
  4. Can be designed to accommodate low voltage traditional power distribution, with or without a building
  5. Can generate income and strategic usage data