Via Rail Project in London, Ontario | Electrical Distribution Design

The Project
VIA Rail required an electrical substation for use as a Shorepower system for VIA’s equipment in London Ontario. The substation had to adhere to many requirements one of which being a minimum footprint in order to maintain the functionality of the existing platform.
There was also requirements for 480V distribution power and monitoring for the stations lighting and controls.

Our Solution
The MiniSub not only met, but exceeded the required specifications with its design.
By including a 100kA TVSS, power meter, neutral grounding resistor and ground fault relay all protection and control requirements were more than accomplished. All components, including the 480V distribution side, were manufactured in a tamperproof enclosure with graffiti resistant paint to accommodate for the accessible location.

Cost Savings

Through installation of the MiniSub at the VIA Rail London, ON station, the client was able to find savings in maintenance costs due to the compact and efficient design of the MiniSub with its SF6 switching.