Petries Landing | Condominium Project Ottawa, Ontario

The Problem

The total build out consisted of a total of 5 buildings. Four high end condos and one retirement home. There was room for hydro transformers, but the architect did not want any green boxes on the site. This meant indoor substation. Space was very limited, and they wanted to have a loop system, with utility feed at the first building and another at the end when all the buildings were finished.

Our Solution

The tight electrical room the MiniSub had to include all the switchgear as well including utility metering, the main 27.6 main breaker primary loop switches, transformer and protection, all in a package 2 meters by 2.5 meters. This was a big accomplishment for a MiniSub and set the stage for feeding condo’s of this type at 208 volts eliminating the secondary step down.