MIT – Mohawk Internet Technologies | Electrical Distribution Project

Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT), a local data center located within the Kahnawake Mohawk territory, hosts and manages many Internet gambling websites, also providing high-tech employment to its people. MIT is the closest and fastest source for “legally hosted” gambling websites for North American players and has become a “remarkably profitable” enterprise. In order to continue to expand and facilitate their community and online commitments, power distribution needed to be reliable and relatively maintenance free.

Our Solution
By installing two 1500kVA oil-filled MiniSubs, one of which contained a SF6 loop switch with a 12.5kA VCB, the other a radial SF6 switch with a 12.5kA VCB. Each MiniSub also had secondary LV distribution at the 480/277V level, controlled and protected by 2500A LSIG breakers.