General Dynamics Land Systems Electrical Design- Ontario

Located in London Ontario, GDLS is building heavy military trucks and tanks. This is a plant that does a lot of welding, which creates a lot of conductive dust which was getting in all of the electrical equipment most importantly the high voltage switches. This would cause the switchgear to be shut down on a regular basis to be cleaned and tested.

The Project

GDLS worked with Power Systems to create a loop design throughout the plant and design secondary double ended equipment that could be located in an out of the way location. Having the loop meant only a small amount of switchgear outside as the main head in component and the ability to isolate any of the components including the cable runs for maintenance.

The Solution

The high maintenance solution was to use of the MiniSub with SF6 sealed switching equipment and connect to the liquid filled transformers with all dead front construction. This meant no maintenance or shut downs. With the 27 KV loop installed in cable tray prior to shutdowns, the whole plant was converted in a long weekend, due to the all assembled construction of the MiniSub.