Ethanol Plant | Substation Installation

The Project
Northeast BioFuels required a number of 13.2kV substations with solidly grounded neutrals and high resistance to work in conjunction with a switchboard style distribution. Motor control and sequencing functionality were key as the control and storage of a substance like ethanol must be handled with careful precision.

Our Solution
By employing our oil-filled MiniSub design the ethanol plant was able to streamline distribution thanks to the SF6 switch included in the nine MiniSubs strategically located on the grounds. Included in eight of the MiniSubs were power meters in order to control motors and synchronization of the ethanol processes within the production facility.

Cost Savings
The client was able to save costs in multiple areas including maintenance and installation expenses because of the controls within the metering compartment and ability to restrict power distribution with LSIG breakers included in of eight of the MiniSubs. The SF6 switch also allows for safer practices as well since there are no Arc Flash protections required.