Electrical Project | Train Yards | CN Logistics – Calgary, Ab

The Project: Train Yards

Lighting for the main CN Rail marshalling yards. This is a huge site and required the distribution of power throughout the site at medium voltage. Fifteen lighting control stations were needed to provide the power throughout the site.

Our Solution

The MiniSubs were all Dry-type and involved several different secondary voltages, in some cases they were required to have more than one secondary voltage out of one transformer, including distribution for lighting, parking heaters, etc. All the MiniSubs had primary gear. The project was completed on time and on budget.

The Savings

The savings applied to the installation and bases were significant for the contractors and as a result the client.

CN Rail Night Time Plugin Stations

The Project

For environmental reasons CN Rail is deciding to plug in its trains at night to keep them
warm or cool at night time, instead of leaving them running. For the London Site they wanted a product that could sit on the platform and be totally secure, without radiators, and incorporate all the low voltage features they needed. Tamperproof to the people waiting for the train.

The Solution

Accepted by the Engineer and CN was the MiniSub. This was a compact design with
relaying and protection more like the mining industry and providing station power at a different voltage for the other equipment involved at track side. A similar unit was also provided in the Niagara falls region.