Electrical Project | Safford Mines, Arizona

There are several solutions for these applications. Power Systems has done mines in high altitude as well as open pit designs. The liquid and dry MiniSub bring a durable substation which can support all the safety requirements of a mine application, and offer a better protection against the environment with our SF6 sealed high voltage design. These can be made to handle heavy dust and floods.

The Project
Safford Mines in Arizona required a turnkey substation that would not only provide distribution power, with the ability to fully shut-down or start-up power with the unit in place at site, but ground fault control and protection. The unit also had to be able to withstand high humidity and temperatures as well as protection from corrosive materials. Additionally, a smaller footprint was one of the necessities because of location.

Our Solution
This particular oil-filled MiniSub design incorporated an NGR and the STARTCO ground fault relay system to work in conjunction with the Multilin relays included in the VCB which is part of our SF6 switch. All of this was built into one compact enclosure with special coating to protect against corrosive environments. The MiniSub was also manufactured to withstand the high humidity and temperature levels.