College Electrical Distribution Example – Carleton University Campus, Ottawa

This university located on the banks of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal comprised of some 35 buildings powered on 3 different 15 KV loops. While the system of substations is well maintained, many were old and needed replacing. In 2000 the consulting Engineer took a look at the new MiniSub and saw the benefits of what the University was looking for: Small size, low maintenance, and the ability to operate on a loop system safely.

Since that installation every substation in new and old buildings that is installed is done with the MiniSub. The long term benefits have been many, including the SCADA system they have installed as part of the MiniSub to look at the switch positions, energy, and operation functions.

The long term savings on maintenance and operational safety have kept the MiniSub the only product this customer will use.