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What is a Green Distributed Power System (DPS) ?

Green DPS is a Cleantech evolution in building energy distribution committed to an overall reduction of the carbon footprint associated with resource inputs and transportation to site of solutions without any disruptions to the grid, with up to 50% less raw input materials & local manufacturing & transportation offering enhanced efficiency, reliability, flexibility, safety, space & creative design summarized in 10 benefits.              

This improved way of delivering power reduces the losses in the system and will lower the energy consumption by 10% on average. There is also a reduction in materials used up to 50% and a reduction in installation time by 50%.

DPS is more reliable, safer and mostly maintenance free.


Traditional Design Features

  • A large electrical room
  • Large cables with high electrical losses
  • Equipment on every floor

Green DPS Design Features

  • MUCH lower fault and electrical losses for increased safety and reduced operating costs
  • Distributing the equipment where the load is keeps the cables small and less expensive
  • Plug and play with tamperproof design for indoor and outdoor use without an electrical room

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