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Dry Type MiniSubLiquid Filled46 KV MiniSub


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MINIHub - Commercial Enclosure


Manuals and Warranty

Minisub Manual - English (Rev 8)
MiniSub Manual - French

MiniSub 44KV Manual - English

Dry Type Manual - English
Dry Type Manual - French

Dry Type Manual - with NGR - English

Dry Type Manual - with Filtered Vents - English
Dry Type Manual - with Filtered Vents - French

Our Warranty

We warranty our products to be free from defects in material and factory workmanship. When the product described herein is installed and used according to our instructions, the original purchaser from us has the following warranty. If any product of ours is found by us to be defective or not to be as ordered, and a written claim is made to us, we will repair or replace the said product or issue credit for the same at our option, to the original purchaser, F.O.B. factory. This warranty terminates on the earliest of twelve months from date of installation or eighteen months from date of shipment from our plant. There is no other representation, warranty or condition in any respect, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, in contract, tort, otherwise, other than the above, nor will we be liable in any way for consequential damages, however caused, including damages arising out of our own negligence or that of our servants, agents or representatives. We expressly disclaim any responsibility for expenses incurred in removing the said defective product or installing or using any re placement product or for loss of time or use of the said defective product, transportation costs, or any other indirect, incidental or consequential damage or inconvenience. This warranty does not apply if our product has been damaged due to improper installation, alteration, abuse or misuse, accident, fire, flood or Act of God.