Let's talk about greenifying electrical system design

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Reliability & Electrical Design

Greenification of electrical distribution systems and equipment can actually enhance reliability if we design from a green-friendly lens. For the purposes of this discussion, reliability means being able to depend on a stable supply of power to support the functionality of homes, institutions, businesses and essential service providers in our communities. A fault in the

Safety & Electrical Design

Safety is a prominent concern when handling all electrical equipment. Mainstream behaviour in what relates to safe handling of electrical equipment has barely changed in the past number of decades. The electrical industry accepts flooding, fire and electric shock risks as limiting our design of electrical systems. This is instead of risk motivating our design

Flooding & Electrical Design

Water and electricity do not mix and flooding water tends to be contaminated[1] with soil, debris, chemicals, sewage, oil and other substances[2] that can have negative effects on the functioning of power equipment. Traditional power equipment is built with this knowledge as a possible outcome, or an evident reality at some point in the life