About Power Systems Technology

Since 1999


Power Systems Technology is an original equipment manufacturer, OEM, operating from Ottawa, Canada since 1999. As an OEM, Power Systems Technology manufactures compact & energy efficient electrical distribution products & solutions using up to 50% less materials while freeing up space & eliminating the upfront cost of a fire vault, saving you money while increasing your real-estate value with extra space.

Where we are going

We have recently released our EV PowerHub to assist buildings in meeting the new building code requirements with Electric Vehicle Chargers. As of January 1, 2018, Electric Vehicle charging requirements are now in the building code requiring that at least 20% of parking spaces be equipped with electric vehicle (EV) chargers with a goal toward an 80% requirement in the future.Traditionally, most buildings might need to replace their entire transformer to accommodate for this new code requirement due to the added power demands on a limited capacity power transformer. Our solutions (EV Power Hub and Green DPS), are like LEGO pieces, and simply connect with each other in a loop fashion allowing for building power expansions without needing to replace any additional equipment from our series of products and solutions.

Upcoming changes in our industry

What makes us different

Our products and solutions apply to new builds and existing buildings across residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Some of our clients purchase our components to replace traditional equipment without adopting the entire solution to avoid costly fire vaults, and building shut downs from fire vault maintenance. Our innovations use less materials and are more compact freeing up valuable real-estate/storage space anywhere they are placed (basement or floors). We can accommodate financing as well to suit your capital and/or operational expense needs. Government incentives also exist that can be considered.

Approved CSA certified designs

At Power Systems Technology, we offer CSA certified designs while most OEMs choose building to a CSA standard. Learn more about our projects & contact us for a price inquiry today.