Save a minimum of 3000% in energy losses at the cable level alone with Green DPS

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Designing & manufacturing green flood-resistant electrical equipment since 1999

Offering green & mega-compact designs increasing real-estate

Our designs are green & location-flexible with significantly less maintenance


Green Distributed Power System (DPS)

Our patent pending Green Distributed Power System (DPS) features our miniaturised substation & transformer designs: the MiniSub and the MircoSubstation. We design with a commitment to reducing carbon footprints by committing to miniaturisation of our electrical designs and how they connect together using the Green DPS system without disturbing the grid, with up to 50% less raw input materials & local manufacturing & transportation offering enhanced efficiency, reliability, flexibility, safety, space & creative design summarized in 10 benefits.

A Government Grant May be Available

All state and provincial energy departments have energy programs which offer grants and incentives for green designs that offer an ongoing reduction in energy and other environmental benefits. Contact your energy government department for more information.

Traditional Applications with Green Benefits

We have dealt with all types of projects.
Let us work with your team to develop the best solution for you while maintaining your budget and deadlines.

•      Recreational Complex
•      Condominiums
•      Housing Developments
•      Colleges and Universities
•     Hospitals
•      Rail
•      Industrial Plants 

•       Convention Centers
•       Mines and Oil Fields
•       Special Projects
•       Government Buildings
•       Airports
•       Hospitals
•       Massive Complexes

Future-ready Green Applications

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We can help reduce your building's Carbon Footprint with our Green DPS solution.