Now CSA approved for the CDN and American market
Power Systems C.S.A. Approved MiniSub: Saving Time, Space and Money.
Why use a MiniSub?
The compact size of the substation
Lower fault levels
Much lower cost than traditional substations
Much lower EMF
Latest technology in substation engineering
Safety - there are no live parts
Virtually maintenance free
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Latest News

- Flash MiniSub Presentation (Spanish)
-Dry Type MiniSub Coming soon
-Network MiniSub

Some Previous Customers
General Dynamics
Ottawa General Hospital
Latest Tools
Transformer Losses Calculator
MiniSub Safety Video
Who is Power Systems Technology?
Power Systems Technology is a manufacturer of a C.S.A. approved concept in unit substation design which brings together the unique benefits of oil/liquid filled padmount transformers and SF6 switching technology using the Arc-Whipper© three position switch. Click here to find out more about our product. Or visit our FAQ section.
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