Unique Energy Distribution Solutions Since 1999

Unique Energy Distribution Solutions Since 1999

Unique Energy Distribution Solutions Since 1999


Our Distributed Power System (DPS)

DPS improves delivery throughout a distribution network while reducing losses in the system and can lower energy consumption by up to 10%. Further reductions in materials used and installation times are just two of the many advantages of DPS. Also note: Government grant programs recognise Power Systems DPS designs.

A Government Grant May be Available

All state and provincial energy departments have energy programs which offer grants and incentives for designs that offer an ongoing reduction in energy and other forms of green design. We have approached several departments and had total acceptance of our DPS system as an innovative product that would qualify for these grants. We suggest you contact the energy department where your project is located and see what monies are avalable

About Power Systems Technology

We design and manufacture next generation electrical distribution systems for the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. Our solutions save energy, space, materials, maintenance and installation time. Safety and reliability are the cornerstones of each product.

We serve clients in multiple sectors around the world.

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We have been providing market-proven solutions electrical distribution systems since 1999. Some of our projects are described here

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•      Recreational Complex
•      Condominiums
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•     Hospitals
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•      Industrial Plants 

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•       Special Projects
•       Government Buildings
•       Airports
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•       Massive Complexes

We have dealt with all types of projects and will work with your team to develop the best solution for you while maintaining your budget and deadlines.

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